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  • A Brief Introduction of Jinhua Mountain


    Jinhua Mountain tourism economic zone are has jurisdiction of two towns of Chisong and Luodian, 80 administrative villages with a total population of 56 thousand and a floating population of 15 thousand. Its administrative area is 150 square kilometers, and the planning area is 300 square kilometers. The industrial output value of it is 2 billion 360 million Yuan, and the regions total tourism revenue is 2 billion 52 million Yuan in 2015。 The traffic location advantage of Jinhua Mountain is very evident. It can rely on highways and railways to get a rapid access to the national highway and railway network, and it is very convenient to Yiwu Airport, Quzhou Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which can realize effect of "the integration of the neighbouring cities" for the tourism in Yangtze River Delta. With the unique natural resources, Jinhua Mountain is almost integrated into the city, and it has evident effect of "getting close to the city". With the …more
    Huashan Shuanglong scenic area, located i1pn the central city

    In Jinhua Mountian

    Huashan Shuanglong scenic area, located i1pn the central city

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